The Hindu Vocabulary For Bank Exams : Day 10

The Hindu Vocabulary For Bank Exams

Rely=>भरोसा करना
Rely=>to trust in or depend on.

Workhorse=> अधिक परिश्रमी व्यक्ति
Workhorse=> a dependable person who does a lot of work.

The Indian Space Research Organisation boosted its reputation further when it successfully launched a record 104 satellites in one mission from Sriharikota on Wednesday by relying on its workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle rocket.

Lucrative=> लािप्रद
Lucrative=>producing wealth : profitable.

The launch is particularly significant as ISRO now cements its position as a key player in the lucrative commercial space launch market by providing a cheaper yet highly reliable alternative.

Orbital=>  कक्षा का

Orbital=>a highway that goes around a city.

At an orbital altitude of around 500 km, the vehicle takes about 90 minutes to complete one orbit.

Accomplished=>पूरा किया
Accomplished=>very skillful : having or showing the skill of an expert.

Though ISRO had sufficient time to put the satellites into orbit, it accomplished the task in about 12 minutes.

Inject=> लगाना

Inject=> to force (a liquid) into something.

With the focus on ensuring that no two satellites collided with each other, the satellites were injected in pairs in opposite directions.

Besides=>  के अतिरिक्त
Besides=> other than, except .

Besides setting the record for the most number of satellites launched in a single mission, the Indian space agency has launched two nano satellites weighing less than 10 kg.

Payload=>एक बड़े वाहन द्वारा किए गए सामान
Payload=>the things (such as passengers or bombs) that are carried by an aircraft or spacecraft.

Integrate=> जोडना
Integrate=>having different parts working together as a unit.

The main objective of the INS, which will be launched together with bigger satellites, is to provide a platform on which payloads up to 5 kg from universities and R&D laboratories, and ISRO itself can be easily integrated for carrying out scientific research activities.

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