The Hindu Vocabulary For Bank Exams : Day 12


Stuck=> फाँ सा हु आ
Stuck=> to push into or through.

Grapple=> पिडना , भिड
Grapple=>to try to solve a problem : to deal with a problem. In action as well as inaction, Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao stuck to the constitutional options available to him as he grappled with the rapid twists and turns in the political developments in Tamil Nadu over the last two weeks. ………….

Swear=> ि स म
Swear=>oath, swear word. He also didn’t waste too much time before swearing in Edappadi K. Palaniswami as Chief Minister once he was elected leader of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Legislature Party following the judgment.

Imminent=> घहटत
Imminent=>happening very soon.

Muster=> धगनती , इिठ्ठा
Muster=> to work hard to find or get (courage, support, etc.).

Lapse=> खत्म
Lapse=> to stop for usually a brief time. To have allowed Ms. Sasikala to become Chief Minister at a time when the judgment was imminent or to have given outgoing Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam more time to muster support in the State Assembly would have been serious lapses on the Governor’s part. ……………

Precedent=> भमसाल , उदाहरण
Precedent=>something that can be used as a rule or example to be followed in the future. There are precedents for a composite floor test, but these were conducted in truly extraordinary circumstances and when specifically mandated by the judiciary.

Warrant=> आश्वासन
Warrant=>a reason for thinking, deciding, or doing something. The situation in Tamil Nadu did not warrant such a course. ………………..

Erosion=> िटाव , िू
Erosion=> the act of wearing away or eroding : the state of being eroded.

Implode=> अंतः
होना Implode=> to collapse inward in a very sudden and violent way. By backing Mr. Palaniswami, the Sasikala camp may have succeeded in preventing further erosion of support among the public for the AIADMK, which seemed in danger of imploding at one time. …………..

Diehard=> मुस्श् ि ल
Unlike Mr. Panneerselvam, who was something of a diehard Sasikala loyalist before he switched sides, Mr. Palaniswami is known to keep his own counsel.

Peculiar=> अजीब
Peculiar=>not usual or normal. But given the peculiar situation he finds himself in, he will probably have no choice but to carry along the members of the Sasikala clan. …………….

Taint=> िलकंित
Taint=>something that causes a person or thing to be thought of as bad, dishonest, etc..

Onus=> दानयत्व
Onus=>the responsibility for something. Many in the AIADMK have been tainted by corruption charges, and the onus is on him to replace those memories in the public mind with more immediate concerns of growth and development. ……………..

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