The Hindu Vocabulary For Bank Exams : Day 11


The Hindu Vocabulary For Bank Exams

Bump=> टतिर
Bump=> an act of something hitting against something else.

Revive=> पुनर्जीवित

Revive=>to become strong, healthy, or active again.

For an economy that relies on public investment and private consumption to revive private investment and growth, the last round of official statistics on prices and industrial activity signal testing times ahead. 

Plummet=> तेजी से धगरना
Plummet=>to fall or drop suddenly in amount, value, etc..

First, industrial output plummeted by 0.4% in December 2016, led by a 2% decline in manufacturing (just five of 22 industries registered positive growth) and a 6.8% decline in consumer goods. Pace=> रफ्तार Pace=>the speed of moving forward or ahead. Now, wholesale prices have risen at the fastest pace in two and a half years this January, at 5.25%. 

Noteworthy=> उल्लेखनीय , ववचारणीय
Noteworthy=> important or interesting enough to be noticed : deserving attention.

This is particularly noteworthy since the pace of price rise at the consumer level slowed to 3.2% in the same month.

Fractionally=> आंभशि रूप से , थोडा सा

Fractionally=>very small.

By contrast, consumer prices had risen fractionally faster (3.4%) than wholesale price (3.39%) in December.

Divergence=> विचलन
Divergence=> difference, disagreement.

Eventually=> आखखरिार , अतं में
Eventually=>at some later time : in the end.

This divergence in wholesale prices and the prices consumers pay is unlikely to last long — with the former expected to stay firm for a few months to come, the latter will eventually catch up. 

Sticky=> िं जू स , धचपधचपा
Sticky=> unpleasantly warm and humid.

Such sticky core inflation is driving the latest wholesale price surge with fuel and power rising a sharp 18.14%, manufactured products growing by almost 4% (thanks not to demand but upward commodity prices) and minerals by 1%.

Shale=> स्टेली पत्थर
Shale=>a rock with a fine grain formed from clay, mud, or silt.

Spike=> िील
Spike=>to increase greatly in a short period of time.

A rise in oil prices beyond $65 a barrel would be a cause for concern, as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said in his recent Budget, even if there is a belief that higher shale gas output will check a further spike.

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