Government Schemes : Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyaan(PMGDISHA)


Definition of Digital Literacy:
 “Digital Literacy is the ability of individuals and
communities to understand and use digital technologies for meaningful actions within life
 The main objective of the programme is to make six crore persons in rural areas, across
States/UTs, digitally literate, reaching to around 40% of rural households by covering one
member from every eligible household.
The Scheme is aimed at empowering the citizens in rural areas by training them to operate
computer or digital access devices (like tablets, smart phones etc.), send and receive e-mails,
browse Internet, access Government services, search for information, undertake digital
payment, etc. and hence enable them to use the Information Technology and related
applications especially Digital Payments to actively participate in the process of nation
building. Thus the Scheme aims to bridge the digital divide, specifically targeting the rural
population including the marginalised sections of society like Scheduled Castes (SC) /
Scheduled Tribes (ST), Below Poverty Line (BPL), women, differently-abled persons and
Implementing Agency
The scheme will be implemented by CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, (herein after referred to as ‘CSC-SPV’), under the overall supervision of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, with active collaboration of all the State Governments and UT Administrations.
Target Beneficiaries: 
1)  Eligible Household: A household is defined as a unit comprising of Head of family,
spouse, children and parents. All such households where none of the family member is
digitally literate will be considered as eligible household under the Scheme. 
2 Entry criteria 
i) The beneficiary should be Digitally Illiterate 
ii) Only one person per eligible household would be considered for training 
iii)Age Group: 14 – 60 years
The Government has launched the Digital India Programme with an ambitious vision to
transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The
Programme envisages linking citizens to various e-governance initiatives, involving them in
decision making for strengthening public participation and thus enhancing governance
accountability. The full potential of Digital India Programme can only be realised if every
citizen, regardless of location and social background, is provided with opportunities as well
as capabilities to access and leverage digital services/technologies. 
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